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New Pesticide Dealer License to Distribute Pesticides

This application is for New Pesticide Dealers only.

For Pesticide Dealer Renewals Visit:

To proceed, you will need:

  • Checking or Savings account (with the routing number) or MasterCard, Discover or Visa credit card information
  • Payment in the amount of $25.00

A small transaction fee will be added to your payment. For some payments, selection of eCheck will give you a discount on your transaction fee. We will email a receipt to the email address you provide. You may also print a receipt when the transaction is complete.

The total payment covers the amount you owe as well as the operating costs, incurred by the Network Manager, Nebraska Interactive, LLC contracted by the Nebraska State Records Board (NSRB) to provide online services for Nebraska government agencies, including the State's portal ( Nebraska Interactive builds and manages online solutions that help Nebraska government realize greater operational efficiencies by allowing citizens to interact quickly and easily with their government.

Application Deadlines

All applications for an initial pesticide dealers license are required to be submitted prior to commencing business as a pesticide dealer in Nebraska.

This license is for the current calendar year. Renewal notices will be mailed on November 1st.

Except for Exemptions, all persons who distribute within or into the state of Nebraska at wholesale or retail, or who possess pesticides with an intent to distribute them are required to be licensed as a pesticide dealer for each distribution location. This includes distribution from an internet site.

To submit an exemption from a License Distribute Pesticides visit: Pesticide License Exemption