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Nursery Stock Distributor License Application

A Nebraska Nursery Stock Distributor License is required by the Nebraska Plant Protection and Plant Pest act of any person distributing perennial or woody nursery stock in Nebraska. Initial applications must be received prior to the beginning of distribution. If not received prior to the beginning of distribution, initial applications shall be considered delinquent and shall have an additional late fee assessed of 25% per month.

This application will have an initial and an annual license fee of $97.75 for the first acre and $4.25 for each additional acre on which nursery stock is held, for each location from which nursery stock is distributed. All Nursery Stock Distributor Licenses expire at the end of the calendar year. You must renew your license annually, as long as you continue to distribute nursery stock.

Any person growing perennial or woody nursery stock must also complete the request (below) for certification of Nebraska-grown nursery stock. After NDA has received your completed application, a nursery inspector will inspect the nursery stock grown in Nebraska, and you will receive certification for that plant material, if applicable to your business.

The total payment covers the amount you owe as well as the operating costs incurred by the Network Manager, Nebraska Interactive, LLC, contracted by the Nebraska State Records Board (NSRB) to provide online services for Nebraska government agencies, including the State's portal ( Nebraska Interactive builds and manages online solutions that help Nebraska government realize greater operational efficiencies by allowing citizens to interact quickly and easily with their government.

To proceed, you will need:

  • Maps are required for nursery sites with grow locations over five acres
  • Checking or Savings account (with the routing number) or MasterCard, Discover or Visa credit card information